A plan for February

So I’ve still not got a list / plan / goal for the whole year but I’m planning to work on monthly goals any way so here goes for February.

Sewing wise I’ve started on a pair of Thurlow trousers by Sewaholic. I’m sewing them out of navy twill with a lighter blue batiste for the lining pieces. These are the most complicated project I’ve tried though I’ve done most of the different bits before there are a lot of steps and pieces to put together. I’m taking it one step at a time rather than pushing to far and messing up because I’m rushing. So far the front pockets are attached and on deck for this week are getting the back pockets inserted. This is the same company who designed the Hollyburn skirt so I’m hoping that making the same size as for that works out for me.

I have several half finished knits – one mitt of two hedgehog mitts, one tube sock of two for the Hobbit, one mitt of two Flexure Mittens. I’m hoping to finish all of these this month plus a hat and if not all finished at least most of the way through my Camellia Tee. The Camellia Tee is going slowly at the moment as I work through the raglan yoke but I’m hopeful that once I get onto the round and round in plain stockinette of the body things will move faster. In the mean time I’m trying to work on that a bit every day first and then work on the other simpler projects later.

I’m plying the blue merino from last year. It’s my waiting for the kids to eat their lunch entertainment at the moment (most days anyway). With any luck small bits of regular progress will get it all done by the end of the month but I may need some bigger chunks of time later on.

Otherwise I’m continuing with my hand-quilting of my rainbow quilt and working a bit more on the red part of the rainbow in my cross stitch.


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