A catch up of the non crafty sort

So time for a catch up I think.

We went away for Christmas and New Year. This was the first time we’d travelled with the kids and we started off with more than 40 hours of travel time to get to my in-laws in New Zealand. The kids did really well on the all the planes though they kind of refused to sleep much at all which wasn’t so great for us. We had a few hours in a hotel in Dubai on the way but were otherwise on planes and in airports for the rest of the trip. Whilst we had toys and drawing stuff in our carry-ons we didn’t actually need most of it. The children were entertained by TV and movies for the most part as well as getting fed.

It was great to actually arrive. The weather was gorgeous and the kids had a great time playing with their cousins. We had a lovely Christmas and it was great to catch up with family who we hadn’t seen for several years. Unfortunately on Boxing Day Wee Man got sick with a fever which turned into a bit of croup then he got hay fever on top of that which made him rather miserable and clingy.

Just before New Year’s we took a very short plane ride and swapped islands to spend time with my parents and siblings. By this point Wee Man was on the mend which was good. We had a couple of days of rain while there but for the most part it was sunny and warm. I managed to catch up with a couple of school friends as well. We had a bit of a second Christmas and some more fun with cousins for the kids. Shortly before we were to move on the Hobbit came down with a fever. We figured she’d picked up whatever bug Wee Man had had a went on with our plan to fly down to Christchurch which is where Husband and I had lived before we moved to Scotland. Unfortunately she didn’t improve and was diagnosed with strep throat. She spent 4 days in bed sleeping and not eating and we delayed our flights back by a few days to give her a chance to recover.

Luckily our friends and family were lovely and came to visit us so we still managed to see them though we missed doing a couple of things that we’d have liked to. Wee Man had a great time getting all the attention to himself. Hobbit got better and we were all set to go when Wee Man got feverish again. His fever was controllable and much milder than the previous ones so we made the decision that we had to fly. He spent the trip home alternating between being miserable and being full of beans depending on how recently he’d had medicine. Hobbit slept much better on this set of flights (still recovering I expect) which helped. The last leg was horrible, Wee Man was about done with everything as he’d not slept much and I was starting to come down with something a well.

Thankfully we had no delays or trouble with our luggage (despite a very short transit in Dubai) and made it home to snow on the ground. Husband had to go to work the next day which left me sick with one sick child and one all better and raring to go child. It was not a good day at all. Wee Man turned out to have an ear infection and a course of antibiotics later he’s back to normal. I seem to have just had a cold on top of exhaustion and I’m pretty much all better too.

All this illness led to not nearly as much knitting over the last month as I’d hoped. I have a pair of socks blocking at the moment (half of one sock was knitted in the last two days) and I’ve made a little bit of progress on my Camelia Tee but really need to get through the yoke so it can become a mindless project. I’ve been thinking more about my aspirations for 2016 but still not ready to commit them to words. Maybe next week there’ll be more crafting talk.


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