Belated Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you’ve been enjoying it so far.

The munchkins have been sick, first Wee Man and now the Hobbit so I’ve been a bit off my game to start this year. I’ve no finished objects to show for the year so far and not much progress on WiPs either (plus no photos).

I’m still thinking about goals for this year. I have a list of things I want to make but I’d like to come up with an overall goal of where I want to get to rather than lots of little ones. I think I’ll still try for monthly or seasonal goals as they come up but I want to be a bit more flexible than last year about my plans.

As for last years goals, well I didn’t get the blue merino plyed before Christmas which was my final December goal but I did deliberately set it aside as I was feeling rather stressed and like I had too much to do already. I do hope to get that done in the next month.

Now that I’ve gone and looked at my list of goals from 2015 I think a lot of them still apply for 2016. The main thing I failed on in those goals was the publishing of a pattern. I’ve been working on writing things up as I create them but I think I’m not yet ready to put them out there for others to see. Sometime.

The other 2015 goals I’m happy with progress. None of them were really goals with a specific end point so it’s a bit hard to say whether I accomplished them or not but I did work on all of them. The one that needs the most improvement still is the eating better – I suspect that will be the case until I’m getting better sleep.


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