FO: White Shirt Burda 9792

I made Hobbit a party dress but couldn’t really make Wee Man one too. Instead I have made him a proper shirt to go under the vest I made for Halloween.

I used Burda 9792 View A in size 2. It’s a little on the big side at the moment but it was hard to find a shirt pattern for a 2 year old let alone a smaller one. Wee Man very much likes shirts with buttons (on him and on anyone else) so I wanted to be able to make them for him now. The pattern goes up to size 6 and also has 2 short sleeved versions. I have a different shirt pattern for 4 years to adult so I think I’m covered now.

This is the first time I’ve used a Burda pattern and whilst it wasn’t hard to follow the instructions are sparser than other patterns I’ve used. There seemed to be more of an assumption that one knew what they were doing. As this was my first shirt with cuffs and plackets I did have a few unpicking moments. Probably not helped by having fabric that was the same back and front. I do think I’d like to make more in the future as it ended up taking less time than I thought it would.

Burda 9792 View A



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