Hemming Jeans

Sometimes I manage to buy jeans that are exactly the right length but more often than not I need to hem them an inch or two and sometimes more. Most commonly I have just folded the excess to the inside and handstitched it at a few points. This is not the best way to do things really.

When I tried my new jeans on I hadn’t realised that they would need hemming so I got a surprise when I put them on to break them in before my old ones wear out completely. I also had another pair of jeans that I didn’t really wear as they were (oddly enough) slightly shorter than I like plus a lighter colour. Having a need for a least one pair of shorts in my wardrobe I decided to convert these ones and hem the new ones properly.

I followed the directions in this tutorial. The only change I made was to stitch the side seams together after the hemming was complete to ensure the hem stayed inside the leg. I also cut the hem off (about an inch or so long) completely on the ones I was turning into shorts as there was going to be too much fabric to deal with otherwise. I just pretended I had folded them into place before I stitched them.

The thread I used is Gutermann Colour 5154 and is a specially made thread for fixing up jeans. It is essentially variegated thread and is fairly invisible on the denim.

Hemming Jeans

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