FO: Look 10 from Five and Ten Designs Volume 2

My Hobbit has not been too impressed by her knitted cardigans lately so I needed to find a layer that would work instead. This is look 10 from Five and Ten Designs Volume 2. The body is purple sweat-shirting fabric and the cuffs and collar black ribbing. I have made size 4 again as the other two I made previously still fit well.

This is the first time I have worked with ribbing fabric. It’s a wee bit fiddly – easier to cut and sew with the rib than across it. It’s not too much different from other stretchy knits though. The pockets are welt pockets made of the ribbing fabric and were probably the trickiest bit.

I misread one of the pattern adjustment instructions and had to re-cut the zip facings and sewed on a section at the bottom of the zip. This led to my first attachment of the bottom ribbing to go not so well as it was actually several inches longer than it was supposed to be. I unpicked rather a lot of stitches to get it off and then trimmed it done and reapplied. The second application went much better and the waist now snugs in a bit like it is supposed to.

Having not read the instructions before I sewed it I was surprised at the order of instructions. I think I might consider having the ribbing go all the way across to the zip another time. Still I’m happy with the result and so is the Hobbit. Before I’d fixed the ribbing she wore it to school and (unusually for her) wore it the whole time she was there. It’s thin enough to fit under her raincoat (essential for around here) but warm enough to use as a outer layer when it’s not actually winter weather.

Five and Ten Designs Volume 2 Look 10


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