Customfit and my Featherweight Cardigan

A few months ago I was lucky enough to win a month of MakerPlus access on the Customfit site from the ShinyBees Podcast. I’ve just recently finished my first cardigan from the site (I have a couple more planned too) and so am writing a little about using the site and also about the cardigan.

To start using Customfit you need to make an account on the site (free) then set up your measurements and do a gauge swatch with the yarn you plan to use. Every sweater pattern created with the site is unique to your measurements and your gauge. After setting that up you can pick any of the many patterns on the site, tell which swatch and body to use and make any adjustments to the fit of the sweater. Once you have that you can choose to buy the sweater pattern.

I found the site very easy to use and enjoyed playing around with all the options. I had a couple of swatches to use from yarns I already had for different projects and used those to generate some patterns. My main fit issue is my shoulders are wider than average for the rest of me (this was very obvious when I compared my measurements to the standard measurements for my bust size). I wanted to get some idea of how to adjust patterns to resolve the issue.

The generated pattern contains only the numbers you need for your size. It lists which swatch and set of measurements you used to create it. There is an estimate of how much yarn will be needed (this is based on your gauge swatch so the more detail the better there). There are detailed instructions for all parts of the knitting and a very clear schematic at the end.

 Customfit Featherweight Cardigan in Cerulean Cascade Heritage Silk

Over the past month or so I have knitted a Customfit Featherweight Cardgian in Cerulean Cascade Heritage Silk. I am pretty happy with the result. It’s light and drapey, the colour is gorgeous and I’m pleased with how it fits. The sweater is knit in piece so there was a fair amount of seaming involved. Then the bands are picked up over both fronts and the neckline. I used the Italian Tubular cast on for all the ribbing cast ons and the Tubular bind off for the bands. The bind off was very slow but I’m pleased I made the effort.

The sweater was knit on 3.5mm needles and used approximately 285g of yarn.


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