FO: Simplicity 2377

I really think the Hobbit needs to stay this age forever so she can wear dresses like this forever. I’m really happy with how adorable this is.

She picked the fabric after changing her mind half a dozen times (this is the one I was going to pick before she came along to look) and then chose yellow ribbon to go with it (I probably would have chosen red). Wee Man is thrilled with all the ‘tars’ (stars) on it.

This is Simplicity 2377 View A in size 4. There are 6 variations in the pattern, with and without sleeves, with different trims and with differnet fabric combinations. I think the only modification I made was to machine stitch the ribbon to the neckline before tying it in a bow instead of making the bow first and hand stitching it on.

Simplicity 2377 View A


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