Things in progress

I’ve been making some progress on my before Christmas goals and I’ve been getting organised in other ways for Christmas. This has all been keeping me rather busy for the last wee while.

My Featherweight cardigan is finished at last. I’ve also almost got my Fishmas parcel ready to post away to my swap partner, there’s just a wee bit of knitting to finish up. I’ve sewed the things on my list but now have added another dress and a zip-up sweatshirt for Hobbit to the list. The dress is most of the way done – I just need to attach bodice to skirt and add the trim. The sweatshirt is not yet cut out.

My spinning is slowly making progress and I still hope to get the blue merino finished, the alpaca has no chance at the moment. My quilt is progressing, I’m over half- way through. My Christmas wreath is hanging in our window.

The baby blanket is parcelled up and ready to take to the post office (I’ll take it and the Fishmas parcel together this week). The project bags and art folders are done (I did maybe cut out some more project bags from stash fabric and zips). My two garments are sewn. I’ve finished and not blogged both the bucket bag (black canvas this time) and two pairs of pj shorts for the Hobbit (made from an old pair of my pjs and some leftover knit fabric).

Left to do is just other things off my Ravelry queue. I have half a cowl from my handspun silk under way and hope to get a cowl for Hobbit done from the handspun mohair too. I do have some swatching to do and a toe to cast on for projects to work on over the Christmas break.

I’m feeling happy with my progress even if I’m failing at taking photos and blogging about things.


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  1. Wow! what an amazing collection of done things! and almost done things!

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