FO: Hollyburn Skirt

First up I’m just going to say – I have no photos of this fo. The skirt is black and the lighting horrible so you’ll just have to imagine it.

I’ve been doing some re-jigging of all our wardrobes lately. The kids are growing out of things and I’m trying to work out what bits of wardrobe work for me at this stage of my life. I’ve got plans for several sweaters to knit, tops to sew and I’ve been working out what else I need. One thing that I don’t have but do feel that I need is a mid-weight skirt for year round wearing. I’d seen the Hollyburn skirt pattern (by Sewaholic) several times as it’s been out for a while now and this is the pattern I chose.

The pattern suggests a mid-weight woven fabric. I’ve used a black linen. I’d debated between linen and twill and navy and black. I’d originally decided on navy twill (black twill was not in stock when I was buying fabric) then changed my mind completely as I was about to check out and got black linen instead. I’m glad I did as the linen is drapier which is better for the knee length skirt I chose.

I’m making view B of the pattern with waist tabs and buttons (slightly less boring on the black). There are good sized pockets in the skirt which is handy for when I don’t have a bag with me. I shortened the skirt a bit – it’s about halfway between the length of view B and view C and is now actually knee-length on me. I changed the method of zipper insertion but it’s essentially the same result. I top-stitched the waistband at top and bottom and top-stitched the double folded hem.

I’m happy with how the skirt turned out, it was a faster sew than I expected which is great. I expect I’ll sew another one – maybe navy twill next time. And I expect I’ll get a good amount of wear out of it.


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