FO: Art Folders

We are in the midst of prepping for adventures at the moment and one of the things on the list is entertainment for the children. They are both into drawing at the moment (one with actual pictures, the other with scribbles he insists are pictures) and stickers are still a firm favourite so I wanted a containment device or two for supplies.

I looked at a number of different cases for purchase or as tutorials and ended up with a bit of a mish mash design. The patterned fabric for each is a single fat quarter (using almost the entire piece) and the grey is leftovers from other projects. They are not perfect, they could do with being slightly taller and maybe a little wider for the third pocket (I am planning on some stickers going in there) but if the notebooks were a little smaller they’d probably be fine as is.

The notebooks are A5 sketchbooks and there is room for 8 crayons and 12 pencils. Hopefully enough to keep them amused for some of the time. The fish (Bish!) are for the Wee Man and the stationery design for The Hobbit.

Art Folders


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