FO: Christmas Wreath

Finished and photographed and ready to hang in the window.

I started with a willow wreath, some Christmas coloured fibre, some wooden sparkly snowflakes, a set of holly leaf cookie cutters, a bit of ribbon, and a reel of black wire.

The robin, leaves, and holly berries are all needle felted then attached with 26 gauge wire thread through them and the wreath. The snowflakes where purchased as is and have a a sticky dot on the back. The sticky dots are not strong enough to hold them to the wreath but worked well enough to position them while I wrapped wire around to hold them on.

This wreath will be hanging in our window rather than on our door as it is not weather-proof in the slightest. I’m pretty pleased with how well it matches the idea I had in my head and I’m definitely pleased with the robin.

Christmas Wreath

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