Cast on, Bind off

The original plan for my handspun shetland and silk shawl included a picot bind off. The ones I could find in books I had were all knitted on edgings which wasn’t what I wanted to do. In town for something else I picked up a book from my wishlist at the LYS. I ended up not using the picot bind offs in the books either but did use it for a new to me stretchy bind off.

The book I purchased is Cast On Bind Off by Leslie Ann Bestor. The book is small (A5ish but squarer) and has a convenient spiral binding. There are more cast ons than bind offs in the book and matching ones are indicated in the characteristics of the methods. There are pictures of the edge both from the top and the side as well as pictures of the method. The book is grouped into sections for style of edging and there is a thorough index as well as short indexes at front (cast ons) and back (bind offs) with only the names of the methods. I’ve found it easy to find a method to suit my project and instructions contain plenty of detail to execute the method. I am finding it a useful book so far and a good addition to my reference library.

Cast on Bind off

I have started knitting my Featherweight Cardigan. I am using the customfit option (more about that another time) and Cascade Heritage Silk Yarn in the Cerulean colourway. This is a fingering weight yarn (the original pattern was laceweight) so mine will not be as light as the original but I feel like it will be of more use to me. I used the Italian Tubular Cast On for the ribbing edge and apart from initially thinking I was missing something as stitches seemed slightly incomplete it has turned out to be a relative easy cast on. The yarn is held in the same manner as for a long tail cast on but it has less of a firm edge and the stitches are alternated between knits and purls. The cast on is plenty stretchy and I would definitely use this again, maybe even for cuff down socks. Unlike other tubular methods this one doesn’t use any waste yarn and as I didn’t have any waste yarn with me when I cast this on it made it an easy choice. I’ve almost finished the ribbing now and will be moving on to the rest of the body once I post this.

Featherweight Cardigan


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