Goal round up and upcoming plans

Well October is over and so I’m looking back on what I accomplished and what I’m going to do next. My plans for September/October were reasonably ambitious, but I think I did a good job on getting through them. The goals I had set gave me food for thought on what I wanted to be working on in the next wee while.

I completed all the goals I set for September/October except for the cross stitching one and accomplished more besides. The cross stitching I think is being pushed to the back burner by the hand stitching I’m doing on my quilt. I’ve been quite dedicated to working on that regularly (I’m now over halfway through) and it seems to fulfil the desire for hand stitching so I’m not very enthused about the cross stitch. Also as it’s a new cross stitch it’s not very exciting at the moment as there isn’t much to see. I’ve decided to try and make some progress on the cross stitch but not worry about setting goals for that for a while. I’ve also decided to put the Vivid blanket on a bit of a break too as I’d like to work on projects that have a shorter time-scale for a bit.

I’m still feeling enthusiastic about the spinning I’ve been doing. I didn’t think I was going to get the blue merino done in time as I still had 25g to go at the beginning of the week but I put some dedicated time into it and it went much faster than I thought. I’d like to keep up that momentum for the next wee while as I’ve still some fibre in progress to finish.

And I’m really wanting to sew all the things so I’ve been thinking about what I want to get done in the short term to go in mine and Hobbit’s wardrobes (Wee Man has plenty that fit at the moment).

So what do I want to get done before Christmas:

  • knit a sweater for me – Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig
  • get a few more things off my Ravelry queue
  • finish the baby blanket I’m currently crocheting
  • finish spinning the blue merino and ply it
    • stretch goal will be to get the alpaca spun too
  • finish my Christmas wreath
  • sew the project bags I have fabric for (3)
  • sew art folders for the kids
  • sew 3 dresses for the Hobbit
  • sew 2 pairs of pj shorts for the Hobbit
  • sew 2 garments for me
  • sew another bucket bag for me
  • continue making progress on the quilting
  • complete and post my Fishmas swap package

So yeah – sew all the things and knit a whole fingering-weight sweater. We shall see.


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