FO: Princess Pirate Costume

The weather has been horrible this week so although this was all finished earlier this week I’ve had a hard time getting photos. Altogether for Hobbit and Wee Man I have made 3 shirts, 2 hats, 2 vests, 1 pair of leggings, 1 skirt, and a princess crown. I’m pretty pleased with how it all came out.

The hats are knit fabric, 2 semi-circles with a tail on one side, seamed and then hemmed with the tails left with raw edges. They are fake bandannas. The princess crown is braided wire with beads wire wrapped to it. The 2 vests are from Oliver and S Art Museum Vest and Trousers pattern. I left the welt pockets off on Wee Man’s as they took more time than the rest of the vest altogether and I was running short of time. The ones on Hobbit’s are ok for a first time making them just more fiddly than I was wanting.

The leggings and skirt are from Simplicity 1332A. The fabric used for the skirt is the same as the vests with a red netting underlay. I used a t-shirt pattern from New Look 6016 with some of the stripy fabric to make a stripy shirt (seen previously).

The white piratical shirts are modified from Simplicity 2461 which is a dress pattern. I swapped the back and front yokes (so that it opened at the front) and added a little bit to fold over as a facing (instead of a zip install). I interfaced that bit so I could add eyelets and lacing. I cut two front skirts (the back skirt of the dress has a zip) and shortened it. The sleeves are lengthened a bit and I changed the elastic casing from being part of the hem to a lace ribbon stitched down on each side around the cuff. I’m really happy with how my modifications worked as I think it’s relatively pirate like.

I’m still contemplating making felt belt buckles in the morning to put on Hobbit’s shoes for school but I’m not sure that it’s worth the time.

Princess Pirate Costume


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