FO: Shetland and Silk Handspun Shawl

It’s finally finished:

Shetland and Silk Shawl

My own handspun from 100g of Shetland and Silk purchased in 2011 and spun in 2013. It was approximately lace weight or very light fingering. I have no idea of the yardage as I forgot to measure it before winding it into balls. I used 3.5mm needles and worked 6 increases per 2 rows at the edges keeping the body in garter stitch. There are 2 rows of eyelets along the bottom curve (I possibly could have squeaked a third set in). As you can see it likes to curl and I didn’t actually try and block it, rather I washed and hung it from the centre to dry. The length of it is more than my arm span and it is deep enough to be nice and cosy. I’m pretty pleased with it.


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