FO: Card Holders

On an average day I prefer to get out and about without taking more than fits in my pockets. If I’m wearing a coat I have more space but there is only so much that I can fit in the pockets of a pair of jeans. As a consequence I don’t use a wallet or purse as such for the things I always have with me. I have been using a zipped pouch for a while but as it’s a bit bigger than it’s contents it takes a bit more effort to shove in a pocket so I was after something more streamlined.

As a break from making pirate costumes I cut out and sewed two card holders from this tutorial over the last couple of days. One is for the everyday things and the other is holding various loyalty cards and will live in my bag instead. The everyday one has the addition of a ribbon loop to which I’ve attached a split ring so that I can either attach it to my keys or hang on my key hook at home. I used it today and for shoving it in a pocket it works really well but I have yet to use in a situation where I need to get things out of it.

The fabrics are all remnants from project bags or attempts at quilt squares. There is fusible fleece inside and I had enough leftovers from a previous project for that. I’ve cut out a few more as I have ideas for other things I (or other people) could use them for. Besides the addition of a ribbon loop (attached in the same manner as the elastic) the only other modification I made was to use hat elastic for the loop instead of a hair elastic. I am running low on hair elastics and Hobbit’s are all thick ones. I just cut a length of 2-3 inches and folded it in half.

Card Holders


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  1. love the fabric choices 🙂

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