Sew all the costumes

I was lucky enough to receive a new sewing machine or my birthday this week and I’ve been making use of it to construct a pirate costume for the Hobbit. She currently plans to become a pirate fox princess so it involves a skirt and I will be making a crown as well. She already has fox accessories so that is covered.

My plan was stripy leggings and a white shirt. On seeing the stripy fabric she expressed a wish for a stripy pirate shirt. Luckily I have plenty of fabric so have made both shirts (though the white one needs eyelets and lacing still) and she can choose later which to wear. The skirt is in progress – seen here in the grey with red tulle underlay. There will also be a grey and black waistcoat, a red sash and of course the princess crown which will be wirework.

Pirate Costume

I will post with more details of the patterns etc when the whole thing is done. Hopefully also with a picture of it in action.


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