FO: Gathered Neck Top

Finally taken photos of this top today. The lighting is not great but we are full of grey skies at the moment and if I keep putting it off it will never get done. This is one of the three tops I have plans to make in the near future. I like it. It’s not quite the right size but it is still wearable. Mostly I forgot that I was working with a woven fabric and would need a bit more space to get my shoulders in when putting it on. I like it enough that I think I’m going to make another one out of the green leaf fabric I have instead of making a Collette Sorbetto. I do still want to try the yoke top I have a pattern for as it’s a different shape at the shoulders but the Sorbetto is very similar to this one except it has a pleat at the front neck instead of gathers. The current plan is to make the one with a yoke and then decide which one I like the shape of the best.

New Look K6035C

Pattern: New Look K6035 view C

Needle: size 12 quilting needle

Thread: Gutermann sew all in colour 11

Fabric: Polyester crepe navy with floral pattern from Minerva Crafts

Notes: one size up next time and concentrate the gathers at the centre of the front neck


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