WiP: Sewing and Needle Felting

I mentioned that I was planning some sewing for the kids. There a few things I am hoping to complete before Halloween including this skirt. It is a very simple shape but has a bit of a tulle underlay for interest. Hobbit is quite excited that I am making things for her (I think she thinks I should only make things for her). The pattern is Simplicity 1332. I am also going to be making a pair of stripy leggings from this pattern (the fabric for those is currently drying). I am hopeful that the skirt will not take long to put together but I have never sewn with Tulle before so may have to do some experimenting.

WiP 025

The other thing I have been working on this week is the needle felting robin I have been planning for the Christmas Wreath I am making. It is pretty much finished but needs some legs (which will be used to attach it to the wreath). I am waiting for black wire to make those. I am planning on needle felting some holly leaves and berries to go with the robin. I am using the needle and foam from the hedgehog kit and fibre from a Christmas colourway purchased at Hobbycraft. The robin is of my own design with reference to our bird book.

Needle Felted Robin


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