DPN Holders

I’ve been meaning to make some of these for a while now but had other projects in progress and had run out of snaps as well. Having finished the skinny jeans and now the top I was making (photos are not yet taken but soon) and purchased more snaps I worked on these over the weekend.

The fabrics are all leftovers from project bags made earlier this year and this constrained the sizes somewhat but I have two that will work for 20cm dpns (for hats and things) and one for 15cm dpns (for socks and mittens and things). The snaps I have used here are plastic snaps (I’ve previously been using metal ones) and they seem much sturdier than the metal ones. It was also much easier to get the positioning correct. I purchased KAM snaps and pliers off Amazon so now have many different colours and need to think of more things to use them on.

Unfortunately I don’t currently have anything on dpns so don’t have photos of them in use (probably should have cast on a blanket square as I’ve still six to complete this month).

DPN Holders



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2 responses to “DPN Holders

  1. Laura

    Those are so cute!


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