Sewing plans

In my most recent plans post I mentioned I was planning on sewing 3 tops for me. At that stage the fabric I’d ordered hadn’t yet arrived so I couldn’t really say more about it. Now that the skinny jeans are finished I’ve started working on the first of these three tops and thought I’d post a little about the fabric and patterns I’m planning on using.

The three tops are all woven sleeveless tops. Useful currently under a cardigan and if summer ever comes again useful as something a bit more interesting than plain knit t-shirts. I am planning to use New Look K6035, Simplicity K1467 (both free with magazine purchases) and the free Sorbetto Top pattern. The pattern I am making first is the New Look pattern (seen at the top below), the fabric is a navy rayon blend with fairly large scale flowers scattered over it. The top is fairly simple with a gather at the front neck and self bound neck and armholes.

The other two fabrics are both cotton lawn. The blue floral one will become Simplicity K1467 another simple top but this time with a yoke neck. And the green leaf strewn fabric will become a Sorbetto Top which I have yet to print out. I’m kind of hoping I’ll manage to sew all three by the end of October but I’ve come up with some sewing plans for the kids in recent days so may prioritise those.

Sleeveless Top Plans


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