FO: Skinny Jeans

I purchased the fabric for these earlier in the year and then after cutting them out they sat for ages before I was brave enough to start sewing. Then on testing needles and thread I worked out I needed a different thread for the top-stitching than I had so they sat longer while I acquired that. Sewing them together was pretty easy (and would have been easy had I been able to get a twin needle stitching in my machine) but I paused after attaching the waistband as I knew I needed to try them on before inserting the elastic and stitching the hems. I was scared they wouldn’t fit, but do you know what they do fit. They are not perfect – the rise at the back is a bit shorter than I’d like and the calves are not as skinny as I would expect but they are most definitely wearable.

The pattern I have used is the Simple Skinny Jeans from Sew Liberated. The pattern is well written and thorough in it’s instructions. The only hiccup I had was not understanding what was wanted with the rolled hem on the legs. i am not sure I interpreted that correctly but I also don’t think it affects the jeans overall. These are the first pair of trousers I have sewn for me and were a bit of a test to see if I could in fact make trousers for me. I now know what I would need to adjust for future use of the pattern and have some extra of the fabric too. I don’t know if I have enough for a full length pair but maybe I can make capris to test modifications.

The fabric is a 96% cotton, 4% spandex denim from It was the only one in the right stretch and colour when I was looking but has worked out fine. I have used Gutermann Sulky thread (colour 4022) for the top stitching with general purpose thread (colour 11) in the bobbin and for the other seams. I used a size 18 universal needle.

Skinny Jeans


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