So we had a wee hiccup last week when Wee Man ended up hospitalised overnight with croup. He’s all better now (and in fact was quite happy through the entire process except for all the prodding and poking and missing his own bed), back to his usual smiley self. However that combined with Husband picking up the cold we had all had and travelling a bit for work led to a bit of confusion over which day of the week if was and also led to rather a lot less crafting than usual.

I finished the spinning of the kid mohair singles over the weekend and after resting the second lot for a few days have started plying. I am making a 2-ply yarn so have been making use of my substitute lazy kate and bobbins. I don’t have enough singles to ply off them and I don’t really like winding plying balls so I wind onto toilet rolls and then have a free-standing toilet roll holder from which to ply. Mine is from IKEA though I can’t find it on their website any more. It holds two rolls and while it is designed to be fastened to the wall the shape of it means I can just plop it on the table for plying. I haven’t yet had a need for a true 3-ply but would have to work out a different system for that. In general I have either used a 2-ply or a chain-ply when I am trying to keep a colour sequence.

The plying is going slowly as I think I have overspun the singles a bit and making the plying balanced is taking a bit more spin than expect. Currently it is rather stripy as I have one strand starting with pink and one with purple-grey but I suspect most of it will be two strands of pink.

Kid Mohair Plying


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  1. Glad little one is ok. I think the striped looks great- it should crochet/knit up a nice mottled pattern!


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