WiP: Olearia Cardigan

I’d originally planned on making a Windswept sweater (by TinCanKnits) for Hobbit for this winter, decided she needed a cardigan instead, thought about doing a cardigan version and then decided on a completely different pattern instead. The Olearia Cardigan by Georgie Hallam has several versions. They all start with a gathered bodice which can be continued through out a whole long cardigan, stopped just after the armholes to make a shrug, or (as I am knitting) continued in stockinette to a long length. There are also options for short or long sleeves with gathers or without. The pattern comes in sizes from 1 to 8 and is incredibly detailed with lots of stitch counts for various sections. This does lead to a long pattern but she has used multiple colours to highlight the different sizes and it is easy to follow.

Thus far I have reach the end of the bodice and am now working in plain stockinette down the body. The yarn I am using was a gift from my mother-in-law last Christmas and is pure wool in a beige colour. There should be plenty for this pattern. I’ve just started the third ball as the bodice gathers use quite a lot more yarn than would be expected.

I realised on going through my blog posts to add them to Pinterest that I’d not actually blogged about most of my project bags or the stitch markers I’ve been using lately so I thought I’d try and include those in WiP posts for a while. All my project bags are sewn by me and are various sizes based on noodlehead’s Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial. This particular bag is knitting themed fabric (from Frumble Fabrics) with a grey base and lining (fabric leftover from my Tote Bag) and grey zip. The width is approximately the same as the medium pouch in the tutorial but I have lengthened the bag quite a lot to make room for bigger projects. There is a removable zipper pull made from beads from my stash.

The stitch markers I’ve been using for this project are unintentionally matchy (though I frequently try and match on purpose). They are made from ‘antique copper’ head-pins with wire wrapped loops. The stones I no longer remember what they are. There are four with a single stone, one with a plastic pearl as well and one with a lobster clasp. This works out as a good set as you have a different one to mark the end of round or in this case the beginning of a right side row and the lobster clasp is a removable one for crochet use or for marking progress.

Olearia Cardigan with Project bag and stitch markers


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