Spin spin spin-a-long

In the last post I mentioned I was participating in a spin-a-long hosted by Stitched Together. The basic rules are a minimum of 100g of fibre spun into a minimum of 100m of yarn in September. As I’m trying to work through my spinning stash before I purchase any more I was rather limited in selection – I have a number of partially started projects and only 2 untouched packets of fibre. One of these is the rainbow fibre I purchased at the first Edinburgh Yarn Festival from Spin Pretty. I have plans to turn this into a chain-plyed finger weight yarn and don’t think it’s possible for me to spin it that finely in a month as I’m pretty slow due to limited spinning time.

I was left with the pink and purple kid mohair I purchased in 2011 because of the fibre not the colours. I’ve started spinning it and once I’d pre-drafted a little to spread out the fibres it’s been going pretty well. The pink is super bright, the purple kind of greyish and I think I’ll have to make something for the Hobbit out of the resulting yarn. At this stage I plan to make a 2-ply. I’m not sure what weight it’ll end up – possible sportweight. I’m happy with how it’s going and if I can keep up the momentum I’ll manage to get it spun before the end of the month.

Kid Mohair


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