FO: Hat!

I’ve been struggling to start on my next planned project as my swatches haven’t worked out and I’ve been waiting for the right needles to arrive (that swatch is now drying so fingers crossed) so started another pair of socks and then after many patient requests from the Hobbit have knit her a hat. She needs no hats by the way, last winter’s still fit and she recently acquired two of mine in a clear out so she’s actually well stocked. However she really wanted something made for her and waiting until I’d knit Wee Man a cardy before making her one was just too long. A hat seemed quick and easy (easy for me, quick for her patience) and I happened to have the rainbow perendale handspun waiting for a project with just the right amount of yarn for a hat. So she has a hat made from handspun spun from fibre her Grandma sent me which is cool. She chose the button and insisted on wearing it even though we are supposed to be in summer (spoiler alert: it’s not warm at all here in Scotland).

Rainbow Perendale Hat

Pattern is not really a pattern. 5mm needles, 100m or so of aran weight yarn, cast on 90, work the brim, cast off 10, work in the round until it’s tall enough then decrease until there are 4 stitches and work a little bit of i-cord at the top.



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2 responses to “FO: Hat!

  1. Such a colorful little hat. The button goes really well with the yarn choice and it looks like it will be loved.


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