Rainbow of Socks

I’m so please to have finished these. I started the first green sock on May 30 and finished the second orange sock on the 14th of August. I didn’t originally intend on knitting them all so close together but every time I finished a pair I just wanted to start the next so here they are all finished in 2.5 months.

My favourite pattern is the green ones, my favourite colour the yellow as they make me smile, favourite to knit where the indigo as there was barely any patterning, and my least favourite the red ones because the hearts are not as visible as I’d like. Overall I’m pretty happy with them all.

Rainbow of Socks1 Rainbow of Socks-001



Filed under Design, Knitting and Crochet

4 responses to “Rainbow of Socks

  1. chrissieknits

    What a lovely rainbow of socks! You’re all set for the colder months now.


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