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You might have noticed that I’ve been concentrating on getting my rainbow of socks knit lately and haven’t been working on much else. I do have a few other things on the go and did actually finish Hobbit’s quilt (though never took photos or blogged about it).

I’ve started hand-quilting my rainbow quilt. The quilt top was finished a year or so ago and I pinned the quilt sandwich together but never did get to quilting it. Sewing the binding on Hobbit’s quilt enthused me a bit for the process so I purchased a 10″ or 12″ hoop and have made a small amount of progress on that. I found the lesson in the free quilting mini-class on Craftsy quite helpful to get started. I have no particular motif in mind and am just doodling on the quilt instead.

I have a pair of jeans cut out but not started in the sewing plans as well as some other things in the pipeline. I’ve been thinking a bit about what I need in my wardrobe – mostly tops – rather than trying to force a clothing style that I don’t actually end up wearing. While I’d like to wear dresses and skirts more often it just doesn’t seem to happen. One of my 2015 wardrobe goals was to stop wearing the same things all the time (this is generally jeans and t-shirts) and I’m hoping I can work on this in the next few months by making a few tops and planning a bit better to work on this over the next year or so.

I’ve been spinning a little since I finished the rainbow and sparkly skeins. I’m spinning some blue merino that I purchased back in 2011 when I first bought a spindle. I really love the colour and am wondering why I don’t have a sweater in that colour (that led to me making a rather long list of sweaters I want to knit). It’s making slow progress but I’m enjoying it.

Knitting wise, I’ve done a tiny bit of work on the shawl I’m making in between getting socks finished and the next sock pattern worked out. And I’ve been thinking about how to get a decent photo of all the rainbow of socks together. I’ve only one set of sock blockers and one set of feet. I’ve ended up using a large piece of cardboard I had (of picture matting thickness) to cut out another four pairs of blocking shapes (as many as would fit) so I have enough to do one of each pair of socks for a combined picture. I’m still contemplating buying another board so I can do all the pairs at once even though I’m unlikely to ever need so many again. I would then have enough to make a pair of mitten blockers too. The plan is to cover them in packing tape to increase their longevity.


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