FO: Yellow Socks, (Rainbow of Socks)

So this is the fastest pair knit so far (and I don’t expect the orange ones to be faster). Started on Monday and finished on Friday. They are top-down with a folded cuff and half a sun on each instep. There’s a few inches of plain stockinette on each side of the suns which probably helped speed things a long but I do feel a bit like I’m racing myself to get the whole set finished.

The yarn for these ones came from The Yarn Garden, Bartram’s Oak Sock in the Tangutica (Clematis) colourway with 365 metres per 100g. It’s a semi-solid colour and such a bright lovely sunshiny yellow in person. I’ve not managed to capture it properly in the photos here though the toe picture is probably closest. The yarn is nice to work with and gives nice definition which I think would work well in a twisted stich pattern.

Yellow SocksYarn: The Yarn Garden Bartram’s Oak Sock in Tangutica (Clematis) ~75g

Needles: 2.5mm Rosewood Cubics by KnitPro



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2 responses to “FO: Yellow Socks, (Rainbow of Socks)

  1. Happy Friday!!! Do you know any local yarn shops I can visit? Head on to the blog and let’s chat!!! 😊😊😊 -Guenny


  2. I love how cheerful these are!


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