FO: Blue Socks, (Rainbow of Socks)

Blue socks are complete, 6 days from start to finish. These are toe-up and apart from the chart pretty much the same as the red socks, rolled hem and all but with a scattered chart motif. The yarn was decent to work with but did make my fingers blue. It was very easy to see exactly how I hold my yarn and socks. I need to look into what to do to set the dye a bit more before I wear them as i don’t fancy ending up with blue feet. I’ve yet to block any of the socks though so will wait until I do that.

Blue Socks

Yarn: Sock Yarn from The Border Tart (Indigo dyed) approx 70g

Needles: 2.5mm Rosewood Cubics by KnitPro

Notes: Pretty happy with these, worked the chart reading left to right on one foot and right to left on the other so they are mirror images.


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