FO: Reversible Bucket Bag

I made another bag from The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam, this time the reversible bucket bag (which is the main image on the cover). It is a medium sized bag – big enough for my sock knitting and sundries but not for kids stuff as well. It is reversible so you get to bags for the effort of one. It was surprisingly quick to put together – two sewing sessions (even with unpicking and resewing some of the straps). There are only a few pieces involved as it doesn’t have any pockets or extra trims. I think I’d quite like to make it again.

Reversible Bucket Bag

Pattern: Reversible Bucket Bag by Lisa Lam from The Bag Making Bible

Thread: Black throughout

Needle: size 12 universal

Fabric: 3 different cottons, 0.5m of each from

Other notions: 2 self-cover buttons, 2″ bias tape maker.

Notes: I used 2 self-cover buttons covered with the bag fabrics rather than one detachable one covered in the trim fabric. I sewed these on before sewing the bag together. They are also a little smaller than recommended. I winged the attachment of the straps a little but think I achieved the same result. I used fusible fleece on the base only and two sets of fusible interfacing on the sides, it’s a little floppy as the interfacing was light but it means it scrunches up small when not in use.


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  1. repurposingjunkie

    Awesome bag!! I’m always impressed with people who can sew reversible things!


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