FO: Indigo Socks, (Rainbow of Socks)

My indigo socks are done in just over a week. They are the plainest of the rainbow with only 6 stitches that are patterned. I’ve used a star stitch to create the Southern Cross and the Pointers on the sock legs. The rest of the socks are plain. The stars are rather hard to see – I’m impressed they came out in the photo at all. The yarn is Ripples Crafts Reliable Sock again this time in the School Day Blues colourway. The yarn is well named as it is a good reliable sturdy sock yarn. The socks are worked toe-up, plain until after the heel and then a chart worked up the legs. The cuff is 1×1 ribbing. Next up – the blue socks.

Indigo Socks

Needles: 2.5mm Knit Pro Rosewood Cubics

Yarn: Ripples Crafts Reliable Sock in School Day Blues ~70g

Notes: Would consider using beads on the star stitches next time to make them more visible. This might also be fixed by using a lighter-coloured yarn.


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