FO: Handspun

I somewhat surprised myself by finishing two skeins of handspun yarn over the weekend. The rainbow Perendale which I’ve mentioned a few times and the Sparkle Batt from Edinburgh Yarn Festival were both plied, skeined and set. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them now, though Hobbit is quite keen on me making her a rainbow hat (for when she has growned a bit as she says). I’m pleased with how it’s gone, both in the amount of time I’ve found for spinning (after lunch and dinner mostly) and with the resulting yarn.

Rainbow Perendale HandspunFibre: Perendale Hogget, 90g

Yarn: somewhere between dk and aran, 100m

Spindles: Basic for spinning, Square for plying.

Ply: Chain-plied to keep the colour progression

Threshing Barn Butterfly BattFibre: Threshing Barn Butterfly Batt, merino, alpaca and sparkle, 28g

Yarn: sportweight, 73m

Spun on: Basic spindle for spinning and plying.

Ply: 2ply from both ends of a centre-pull ball wound on the ball-winder



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5 responses to “FO: Handspun

  1. Theses are beautiful- definitely work to be proud of!


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