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Hobbit’s quilt is quilted and the binding is attached, I’m slowly hand-stitching the binding down at about a foot a day. Give it a couple of weeks and I might be finished. I am pleased with how it’s looking though so glad I’m making the effort.

I’m working on the violet socks of my rainbow now. They have a little eyelet flower motif scattered over the sock, I’m working cuff down for once and have just begun the heel flap (hoping I’ll get that turned tonight).

I’ve started working on a crescent shawl with the purple, green and white Sweet Georgia Yarn I bought a Edinburgh Yarn Festival. It’s not making much progress as it’s an in between socks project and I’m currently sock enthused.

I sewed one of two project bags I have cut out today. Inside it is some lovely sunrise coloured sock yarn sent to me as part of a swap package. I’m not sure whether it’ll be socks or a shawl at this point but look forward to working with it later in the year.

WiP5I failed to photograph my spinning this afternoon but as I just posted about that you’ll probably forgive me. The rainbow perendale hogget I was spinning is all spun to singles and is just resting a bit before I have a go at plying it. I started the little 20g rainbow pack but found a lot of felted bits, didn’t like spinning it and didn’t think I’d like the yarn I was getting either so have disposed of that. I started instead the batt I purchased at Edinburgh Yarn Festival. It’s made up of teal, grey, black and sparkle and is spinning beautifully. The yarn is darker than I suspected from the batt which is good as I wasn’t too sure about the teal when I purchased it. Hopefully I’ll remember to take photos for the next time.


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