Fibre Stash

I’ve been spinning a bit this week and thought it was about time I got all my spinning fibre and projects up on Ravelry. There were a few bits up there but there wasn’t a fibre stash option when I purchased most of my fibre (several years ago) and so it wasn’t entered. I’ve spent time going through the box, taking photos and adding things to Ravelry so I’m mostly up to date.


There are currently 6 partially spun lots of fibre, one of which I’m currently working on. I hope I can continue to make good progress over the summer and then find a good time of day to do spinning after school starts again. The middle top photo is the one I’m working on at the moment, 90 g of Perendale Hogget in rainbow colours. I’m just short of halfway at the moment and planning a chain-ply to preserve the colour sequence (which is not actually in rainbow order). I’m pretty pleased with how it’s been going this week but the first chunk is definitely going to be thicker as I’m returning to my default thickness. I’m not sure what it’s going to be used for, maybe a hat or a contrast in a striped cardigan for The Hobbit.

The top right and the rainbow below it are hopefully going to become a striped shawl if I ever actually spin it. It needs to be pretty thin so I’ve been using my 15g IST spindle. Top left is the batt I purchased this year at Edinburgh Yarn Fest. Below this is my homemade heavy spindle (127g) which I’ve used a little bit for plying. Next to that is some natural BFL that I bought when I first bought a spindle, little bit is spun but there’s loads still to do.

The middle row contains 200g of broken blue and white merino tops, purchased in 2011 and started on the 15g IST. It’s spinning finely and the fibre is a bit compacted. In the middle some miscellaneous NZ wool in blues and purples. I used a bit of this for some felting attempts but didn’t have much luck. I’m not sure what will happen with this. On the right are some samples of various sheep and colours (50g total). Below the samples are 2 x 25g of Tussah silk sliver. I spun the first 25g and then my MiL sent me another one. I’d planned on a chain-ply but with 2 I might just do a straight 2-ply if I can spin the second to the same thickness. To the left of the silk is some Teeswater locks I bought at the first Edinburgh Yarn Festival, they are currently untouched. To the left of that is some alpaca which is 40% spun on my basic spindle. The bottom row has a 20g sample of rainbow fibre from an unknown breed, 100g of Kid Mohair tops in pink and purple and 100g of blue merino also from my initial purchase of spindle and fibre from Wingham Woolworks.

There are quite a few small bits of fibre here that were gifted or purchased in order for me to sample a bunch of different things, I’ve yet to sample most of them though so maybe that should be the plan for after I finish the Perendale.


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