Halfway through the year

It’s halfway through the year so I’ve been thinking a bit about how I’m doing on my goals for the year and also what I want to get done in the next month or two before school starts up again.

Goals wise I’m doing ok, not great but not too badly either. I don’t feel like I’ve made quite as much progress as I’d have liked but the last 3 months have been rather different than expected when I made the list (we certainly didn’t intend on moving house again so soon) and getting the Hobbit to and from school took rather more of my time and energy than I anticipated. I’m hoping that the second half of the year will be rather calmer than the first.

Craftwise I’m doing pretty well at sticking to my lists, I’m mostly making slower process than I would like on my initial plans. I’ve still got a lot of projects prepped for making that haven’t been made so hope to keep working on getting those done before buying new fabric or yarn.

Improving my wardrobe and the wearing of it got a boost in the last few weeks, I cleared out a bunch of things that weren’t working for me any more (colourwise, fitwise, stylewise or because they are worn out) and picked up a couple of replacements that aren’t just more t-shirts. I have been wearing earrings most times I leave the house which is good, haven’t been managing shawls or necklaces – maybe because they live in the wardrobe which I don’t always go into.

I have definitely been exercising more with the school walking so now need to work out how to fit some more in without that daily trek. I have just started doing a short yoga routine in the mornings, need to get a bit more variety of poses into that though. And eating better is sort of ok, I’ve been cooking better but still struggle with finding things that the whole family will eat so we can have enough variety. Definitely doing more from scratch and hope to do a bit more elaborate cooking over the summer.

Over the summer, I definitely want to make a decent amount of progress on my rainbow of socks, hoping for 5 pairs complete but would be happy to make it to 7 of 14 socks. I’ve just started a new shawl that I want to get complete and hope to make some progress on the 3 blankets I’m vaguely working on. I’ve done some spinning this week and hope to get the fibre I’m working on finished, but at least get the singles spun. And I really need to get Hobbit’s quilt done so I’m making sure to quilt one of the 9-patch squares a day (3 down, 9 to go, just stitching in the ditch) and then just need to do the binding. I also have a cross stitch that is very almost finished (a small amount of back-stitching to complete) which will then need framing. Overall ambitious plans but hopefully doable – lets see how I get on.


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