Wip: The blanket is growing trees


I’ve been forcing myself to concentrate on the baby blanket this last week so it finally feels like it’s made some progress. I’m about two thirds of the depth of the white border now and the trees are looking more tree like. The border lace is a modified version of a shawl border and I’m pretty pleased with how it’s working up. The rows are still slow (though every second is a straight knit round) but dedicated time on it has broken the slump I was in and I’m now far more enthusiastic.

I did cast on the red socks at knit night on Tuesday as I wasn’t much interested in taking the whole blanket (which has become rather unwieldy) but I don’t intend on touching them until either the blanket is done or I otherwise need a more portable project. The pattern on this is a purl heart on a knit background which you can see emerging above.

In other news last day of the 6 mile school commute tomorrow. Hopefully we can gainfully amuse ourselves over the summer and we actually get some summer weather (it’s currently raining).


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