So in the last 3 weeks I’ve been sick, had my parents visiting and moved house. Yes, moved house again. We got notice in April that our landlord was unexpectedly selling the house we were living in and so we had to find somewhere new. We’ve found a similar house in a slightly better location and our now all moved in. It did make life rather stressful for the period in which we knew we had to move but hadn’t yet found somewhere and also had to deal with the realtors and house viewings. The above photo is the kids in front of the new back door. Hobbit will still attend the same school for the next two weeks until the end of term (which is now further to walk each day) but will be attending a much closer school next term.

You might guess that I haven’t been doing much crafting over the last wee while, I did cast on the second green sock today and I’ve got the needle/thread/walking foot combination sorted out for quilting Hobbit’s new quilt. She’s in her new big bed now that we’ve moved. The baby blanket is not making much progress at all.

I’ve also just set up instagram and twitter accounts – lilgreyhedgehog. I don’t think I’ll be posting too much but we’ll see how I get on.

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