WiPs on not Wednesday

Well the photos were taken yesterday but I never did write the words to go with them. The sock I started on Saturday took me 4 days to knit and the timing worked out just perfectly for the new needles to arrive for the baby blanket. The socks are the first of seven in a rainbow of colours. I’m making up the patterns myself and the green pattern was the first to be ready. Hobbit decided that red would be next so I need to get working on that one. The green has a pattern of leaves running up the foot and then up the back and front of the leg. I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out but now have to remember exactly what I did to sort the second one out.

The yarn for this one is Tempo 4ply from Eden Cottage. It’s a semi-solid in a lovely green (algae colourway). The yarn has been very nice to work with, it feels a little thinner than the Regia I’d just been using but still fine on the same needles.

The baby blanket is moving again. I’m onto the second ball of the centre colour so need to start thinking about how many stitches I want before starting the lace portion. It’s still moving quite slowly though as rounds are getting longer and longer. The needles are Knit Pro carbon fibre tips for my interchangeable set. I was worried that there would be snagging at the join of the tip to the carbon shaft but it’s really smooth. They are similar to the Nova tips to work with as the tips are (I think) the same but they feel a little more solid in the hand. These are the normal length tips rather than the special short ones for 16″ circulars which my others are. I can’t really tell the difference but that may be because I was working with a fixed 24″ circular before transferring to these.



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  1. Kathy

    wow, pretty leaves, that looks like a challenge to work out, but it looks lovely.

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