FO: Fluormania Socks

I took photos to do a WiP post 2 Wednesdays ago but before I managed to write the post came down with a horrible cold/virus that I’m only just getting over. There were several days where no knitting was accomplished but I did get my Fluormania socks finished only to stall at photos and posting about them. I have also been working on another baby blanket (in the round so nice and easy) but have run out of room on the needle and don’t have a longer one available. While I wait for another set of tips to arrive I’ve started the first pair of socks from my rainbow of socks. These are the green ones which are the only ones I’ve managed to translate the pattern onto paper for. The quilt is also a bit stalled at the moment due to illness. I did try quilting it but need to try a different needle size for the thread and also am going to try a walking foot which I have acquired since my test run. Some tests to run there but really need to get the quilting done soon.

Fluormania SocksPattern: My basic sock pattern with gusset increases next to the sole rather than the instep

Yarn: Regia Fluormania Neon Flowers – 85g

Needles: 2.5mm Knit Pro rosewood cubics

Made for: Me

Notes: These are somehow a bit longer in the leg than I usually make socks so not as much yarn leftover as normal. While the feet are clearly fraternal twins by the top of the leg they are almost identical.


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