FO: Little Brown Hedgehog

I don’t think I actually planned on trying a new craft this year but couldn’t resist a kit for a needle felted hedgehog. I’ve noticed a few needle felting things in the past and they’ve often been very cute but it’s not something I tried before. It was easy to do but hard to get just right – as a consequence he’s more of a hedge-pig than a standard hedgehog and he refuses to put all for feet on the ground at once. The kit was from Hobbycraft and contained all the supplies for making the hedgehog and I even have a bit left over. I am interested in trying further needle felting projects in the future as it’s quite therapeutic doing all the needle stabbing. I did almost all of it waiting for the children to eat lunch over the last few weeks as it’s totally possible to just do a little at a time.

Little Brown Hedgehog

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