WiPs on Wednesday

These WiPs are not too dissimilar from the last batch though the baby blanket is a different one. The Shetland and silk crescent shawl is slowly growing (it being the lowest priority project) and I’m now onto the second skein. The first of my Fluormania socks is finished but the second not yet cast on (sorry can’t seem to track down my sock blockers at the moment). That will happen once I make some more progress on the baby blankets (finish this one and start the next). I finished the centre square of the Tiramisu blanket is finished and you can see if here with the ribbon that will thread through the border. There’s not too much more to do on it but the final scalloped round always takes longer than I expect.

WiPHobbit’s quilt is basted but I have not yet started quilting it. There are over a hundred pins holding it together so I hope it doesn’t go horribly. In other sewing news I’ve pattern pieces cut out for something for me and hope to cut the fabric one day this week.


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