FO: Hap, hap, hapalong

There are (so far) three babies coming along this year to make baby blankets for. This is the first and I was inspired to make a hap blanket by KnitBritish’s hapalong. This started on April 10th and I dutifully cast on on the day expecting to not take too long to finish as it is worked on 8mm needles. Then well things happened and it was cast off last week. The (not very good) pictures have then been waiting for a week for me to blog about it and the blanket itself is in the post to its recipient.

The Hapalong itself is running until July but I am making different patterns for the other 2 baby blankets. One of them will be another crocheted Tiramisu (you may not be surprised, this will be my 11th) and the other is only a pattern in my head at this stage. I am quite inspired by all the multi-coloured haps people are making and will definitely keep that in mind for future projects. A lot of them are also finer weight than this one, longer to knit but a lighter weight blanket/shawl.

Hap Blanket

Pattern: Hap Blanket

Designer: Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in the Lake Chelan Heather colourway ~ 280g

Needles: 8mm needles, 40″ cable

For: Tash #3

Notes: Single colour only, i-cord bindoff.


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