A finished quilt top…

I spent  bunch of time unpicking and fixing up the miss-sized sashing of Hobbit’s quilt top over the weekend and finished the whole top this morning. I was working to dimensions given on the pre-cut twin-sized wadding but really it’s going to be quite a big quilt. Hopefully that means it’ll be useful for a good long time.

Quilt 003 (2)

There a 6 different patterns in the quilt, dots, little clouds, bluebells, leaves, checks and flowers. The above picture is a bit muted and it’s actually a good bit brighter. Each 9-patch has every different pattern in it, 3 one time each and 3 twice. The squares are 5.5″ before seaming and there are 12 fat quarters used in the quilt. Each 9-patch is 15″ and the sashing between them was cut to 5.5″ so the quilt measures approximately 65″ by 80″ including the border (which is the same as the sashing). Binding and backing will also be in the white of the sashing. I calculated about 3m needed for all that.

Quilt 001 (2)Next up is basting then (hopefully) machine quilting (stitch in the ditch I think). I’m waiting for more pins to do the basting as mine are all tied up in the rainbow quilt that is waiting on hand-quilting to happen. I shall have to think of something else to sew in the meantime.



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3 responses to “A finished quilt top…

  1. oh its going to look lovely and the bigger the better !! 🙂 Tabitha

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  2. Very pretty! I look forward to how you quilt it!

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