So right after my last post I got sick – just a cold but it lingered and lingered and mostly I just wasn’t doing anything to blog about. I’m all better now – just in time for Hobbit to go back to school in glorious sunshine. I think her nursery class has spent more time outside than in everyday this week which is great. I’ve also been able to send the two of them into our backyard most days for a bit which is good. There’s not much to it but they’ve got rocks to play with and plenty of dandelions to pick as well.

I have photos this time, three knitting WiPs at the moment all of which I’ve mentioned before and one sewing project that came up due to the unexpectedly sunny weather. My Hap Blanket was started on the 10th of April when the KnitBritish hapalong started. It then stalled out for a week but I’ve finished the middle and am about a quarter of the way through the edging. It’s knit on 8mm needles so does in fact go quite fast when actually knitting is done.

My shetland and silk handspun shawl is coming along. I’m most of the way through the first of three skeins, two skeins will make up the garter stitch body and the third used for the edging. The sock you see is the Regia Fluormania I received in my Christmas swap last year. I’ve just reached the heel of the first sock.

WiPAnd finally the hat is one of two I made for the children from Oliver & S free reversible bucket hat pattern. This is Wee Man’s in the medium size. It’s sewn from leftovers from the coat I made him earlier this year and lined with leftovers from the lining of the tote bag I made in March. Hobbit’s is also made of leftovers but she had it at school with her when I was taking photos this afternoon. Her’s is the large size. The only modification I made to the pattern was to skip the hand sewing to attach the lining to the brim and instead just machined top-stitched. As you can see my lines are not that straight but I’m pretty sure the kids don’t mind and neither of them had sun-hats that fit.

Also on the go is Hobbit’s quilt top, it got put in time out when I realised on of the strips I was using for sashing was somehow 1/2″ too narrow and so there’s a bunch of unpicking to do before I get any further.


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