FO: Plain and Simple Pullover

It’s finished! So glad to get this off the needles. I love the finished product but it has been such a slog, not helped by trying to stick to working on it either.

The pattern is for a fairly shapeless short sleeved pullover with a foldover ribbed collar which is buttoned up one shoulder and then through the collar. It is knit in fingering weight yarn – recommended needle size is 2.5mm but I used 3mm. The sleeves are created by casting on a few stitches when you divide for the armholes. The yoke is worked flat then the underarm (the cast on stitches from front and back) are stitched as is one shoulder. You then work a couple of strips to work as buttonbands for the second shoulder, sew those on then work the collar and a couple of short cuffs to finish the sleeves. Total yarn used was more than 1000 yards so quite a lot of knitting for a short sleeved top.

My gauge was slightly loose but as I needed a size in between I worked the smaller size and it has come out a perfect size. As I plan to wear the collar folded down I’ve sewn extra buttons next to the buttonholes on the front so they can be seen. I’m a little suspicious that the buttons are slightly small for the holes (though are the recommended size) so I may end up stitch the shoulder down as it fits on without undoing those buttons.

Plain and Simple Pullover

Pattern: Plain and Simple Pullover

Designer: Veera Valimaki

Size: S

Yarn: Drops Alpaca, Medium Grey Mix, 283g

Needles: 3mm

Ravelry link: here

Notes: Gauge slightly loose, added extra buttons on buttonhole side, 8 rows ribbing on hem and cuffs, 70 rows ribbing on shoulder, 60 rows ribbing on collar, 6 buttonholes, 10 rows past the last buttonhole.


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2 responses to “FO: Plain and Simple Pullover

  1. I wish I could knit like that.It looks lovely.

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