Grey, grey, grey and more grey

Everything is feeling a bit grey these days. I’m still struggling to get used to taking Hobbit to and from nursery school each day and the weather is really not helping. I was soaked through both trips yesterday and am socked through again today. Not helped by the fact that the waterproofing of both my coat and my boots seem to be giving up on me.

My grey pullover is coming a long very slowly. It’s bottom up and I’ve completed the body and the front yoke. Still to knit are the back yoke, buttonbands, two sleeve cuffs and the foldover collar. I had hoped to have it finished by this weekend but that is not going to be the case. I am pleased with how it’s coming out and hope it’ll be really wearable.

The grey coat I am sewing stalled out last weekend when I ran out of thread – should have started with a full reel. More arrived yesterday so I should be continuing with that soon. In the meantime I cut out and sewed the whole bag I was making in 3 days. Given how many pockets it has I’m quite impressed with myself. No photos just yet as the light has been rubbish. I have been using it already though and plan to take it with me this weekend.

What’s happening this weekend you ask? Edinburgh Yarn Festival is on and I’m heading there on Saturday with no kids in tow. I’m quite excited, I have a ticket, a list and a map. No firm plans on what to buy but some ideas. I’m hoping to acquire some yarn for making a rainbow of socks and I’d also like to get a hold of some fun fibre.

No photos today – they’d all be grey anyway but I’m hoping to report back on the Yarn Festival at the weekend or early next week and get some photos taken of my bag and then of my finished pullover soon.


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