Whoops, a belated update

So I didn’t really mean to go so long without posts but a combination of Wee Man sleeping badly, me being sick (just a cold), and Hobbit starting nursery school has made for not a lot of crafting lately. Oh and getting stuck back into playing Diablo III with the Husband has probably not helped either.

Both the knitting projects I’m working on at the moment are boring. I am making the Plain and Simple Pullover by Veera Valimaki. It’s a short-sleeve bottom up construction almost entirely in stockinette so I’ve been going round and round and round to knit 16″ of body before I get to anything interesting. It’s also in grey fingering weight yarn – possibly as boring and slow moving as possible. I’m really hoping that the result will be worth it. Currently I’m just finishing up the second ball and am about 10″ in.

The other project is unsurprisingly a pair of socks. The yarn I’m using is Regia Fluormania in the Neon Flowers colourway. It’s very bright and will make a fun pair of socks. I’m just following the basic sock pattern I use for plain socks though I’m contemplating a different heel. These are not my primary project so they’ll be on the go for a while yet – they mostly get worked on when I get sick of grey.

Regia Fluormania-001

I’ve plans for sewing – a coat for me and a bag. The fabric for the coat has been washed and dried (it’s dark grey fleece) and I hope to manage cutting it out this week though there are 12 pattern pieces so we’ll see. The fabric for the bag still needs washing but I need to wait for space on the drying rack before doing that.

I did start some new spinning but haven’t made much progress yet. It’s some rainbow dyed Pevendale Hogget fibre (90g) that was a gift a couple of years ago. I haven’t pulled it all out of the bag so I’m not sure how many rainbows I’ll get but there’s at least two red sections. Current plan is to spin a full rainbow per single and then see about plying. It’s spinning quite thickly, the fibre itself is quite coarse but it’s also not compacted at all so it’s spinning easily.


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