FO: Silk spinning

I’ve been spinning recently after barely doing any since Wee Man arrived. I just couldn’t seem to find a good time to spin and also I find spinning is more effort for me and so was a lower priority than knitting. I have now worked out that I can spin (instead of read) when the kids are being slow pokes at lunchtime. I normally get 10 – 20 minutes after I’m done before they are which is working out to be a good amount of time to spin a chunk of fluff.

Chrissy of Stitched Together started a CAL (craft-a-long) towards the end of last year. The idea was to have a rummage through older stash and randomly pull out something to work on. I didn’t have many things to be random with (clearly working through my stash has been working) but initially the random number generator hooked me up with 100g skein of lace-weight silk that I’ve had since 2011 Woolfest. The plan was to knit the Tibetan Clouds Beaded Stole. I got started but then lost momentum due to house moving and Christmas, decided I was not going to get it done and did another random number.

The second random number pulled out 50g of blue silk fibre also purchased at Woolfest 2011. Spinning the first half took a while and I though I wasn’t going to get it finished either when Chrissy decided to extend the deadline by two weeks. The second half went substantially faster and was much more even. I made a 2-ply yarn and think it’s about a sport-weight. It is not the most even of yarn and the plying is a bit loose but I’m pretty happy with the result. I’m not thinking to knit it any time soon but will maybe make a cowl.

Blue Silk

Fibre: Silk in a denim blue colour

Spindle: Basic Spindle from Wingham Woolworks

Plying: 2-ply on Square spindle

Resulting yarn: 105ish metres of sport-weight, 50g

Notes: densely spun, loosely plied. A bit uneven.

Project page: here

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